From Federal Prosecutor To Premier Trial Lawyer
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Joe Brewer prosecuted major felonies as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and helmed complex international cases as a business litigator. A formidable trial lawyer and gifted legal writer, he channels those talents into vigorous advocacy for the accused.

D. Josev “Joe” Brewer
attorney Joe Brewer

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A Former Federal Prosecutor Who Has Tried The Big Cases

At The Law Office of D. Josev Brewer, LLC, you are tapping into more than 20 years of sophisticated experience in high-stakes criminal law and complex civil litigation. As Assistant United States Attorney in the District of South Carolina, Joe Brewer prosecuted gangs, racketeering, drug conspiracies, Hobbes Act robbery and extortion, weapons of mass destruction, illegal firearms, identity theft rings, child pornography, violent crimes, and white collar crimes, including False Claims Act fraud.

His firsthand knowledge of how federal prosecutors build their case is your distinct advantage if you’ve been accused of a serious felony. He will skillfully dissect the government’s evidence and law enforcement’s methods to give you a fighting chance at a dismissal, acquittal or favorable resolution.

Joe is a powerful and passionate advocate for his clients at every level of the system. He has been on the cutting edge of criminal justice reforms, helping to shape The Bridge, one of the first and most successful federal drug courts in the country. He is a strong proponent of job fairs and other reentry programs to help convicted felons integrate back into society.

Criminal Defense And Civil Litigation In Greenville And Beyond

Direct Access To A Proven Trial Lawyer

Joe has practiced law with some of the most sophisticated legal entities in the world: a top 100 international law firm, the U.S. Department of Justice and the federal judiciary. From providing rigorous criminal defense to practicing in complex civil motions and appeals, he brings a wealth of experience to any legal challenge.

But Joe is not a big faceless entity. He’s your lawyer. You will work one-on-on with him to strategize your case and recalibrate at each stage of the legal process. Clients come to trust that Joe and the rest of our team are working every angle to achieve the optimal outcome.

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D. Josev “Joe” Brewer

D. Josev “Joe” Brewer