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D. Josev “Joe” Brewer

The law is not something to take chances with when it comes to your freedom, your rights or your financial future. When you find yourself up against serious legal consequences, you want an attorney on your side with the track record and experience to make a difference in the outcome.

When people turn to The Law Office of D. Josev Brewer, LLC, they tap into the experience and successful background of attorney Joe Brewer. Most of his career has been spent in Greenville, fighting some of the most complex legal battles. As a former Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) and a litigator for a large international firm, he brings a depth of insight and skill that you can trust in both criminal and civil law matters. Learn more about him in his bio below:

The Benefits Of A Local Lawyer In Greenville

As someone who has spent the vast majority of his career practicing in Greenville County and throughout South Carolina, Joe has come to know how to best present a case before the local courts. More than that, he has cultivated a respected reputation with judges and fellow attorneys for his tenacity, thoughtfulness and professional ethics.

Joe’s skill and acclaim reach beyond just this part of South Carolina.He worked at a Wall Street firm in NYC and a large multinational firm in Charlotte. He regularly acts as local counsel for executives, outside law firms, and their corporate clients here in South Carolina. He’s authored books, given TED talks on the federal criminal justice system and has made numerous TV appearances as a commentator and authority on topical criminal matters. He’s known as one of the lawyers people turn to when the stakes are highest, for complex civil issues as well as criminal defense cases.

Joe Brewer Knows How The Prosecution Works

There is no one better suited to protect your rights from prosecutorial overreach and constitutional violations than a former prosecutor. Attorney Joe Brewer pursued nearly every type of charge in his time as an AUSA, from attempted murder and racketeering to misdemeanors on federal lands.

Clients turn to us now for any criminal charge:

With The Law Office of D. Josev Brewer, LLC, as your legal representation, you can rest assured that a confident, tough attorney will tackle your criminal problems head-on.

Don’t Wait For Things To Get Better. Act Fast.

Legal problems don’t get better, and they don’t go away on their own. You need an attorney, and you need one who you can trust to be fighting for you at every turn. That’s who Joe Brewer is. Call 864-936-0701 or send an email to get started.