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Aggressive Defense For Serious Charges In Greenville

Drug and gun violations are some of the more complex and serious charges you may face. They can have federal implications or lead to greater penalties when associated with other charges. Facing these problems demands a strong, experienced team.

At The Law Office of D. Josev Brewer, LLC, attorney Joe Brewer brings his experience as a federal prosecutor to the defense of people across South Carolina. He’s an aggressive, dedicated and thorough attorney who understands how to present a case in all the courtrooms in the district.

The High Stakes Of Drug Charges

A drug allegation can come with both state and federal charges. The stakes of federal prison, long jail sentences and extensive fines are enough to intimidate anyone. Add to that, federal and state prosecutors are extremely aggressive about maximizing the penalties people accused of drug crimes face.

Often, prosecutors will use any means necessary to achieve that goal, including utilizing firearm penalties.

Firearm Allegations Threaten Your Rights

A common fact is that most drug crimes start with a vehicle search. A large number of South Carolina residents are gun owners and may even have firearms in their cars. A successful drug search that yields a weapon, even legal weapons, with appropriate documentation, makes other charges much more serious. Additionally, there are classes of weapons that are outlawed both federally and at the state level. If these are found in a vehicle search, the prosecution will move quickly.

How Prosecutors Craft Cases Out Of Tertiary Charges

The aggressiveness of prosecutors in securing a conviction doesn’t stop at simple possession of guns or drugs. It includes conspiracy, racketeering, money laundering, illegal arms sales and trafficking. You can face an extensive laundry list of charges with even more shocking penalties unless you have a team ready to fight.

We’re Ready To Fight For You

As a former prosecutor, Joe Brewer is a drug crime lawyer who knows all the tricks and traps set against you. He’s thorough and aggressive and willing to go as far as necessary to protect your freedom. Reach out today at 864-936-0701 or send an email using this form.