A Former Assistant United States Attorney Working Your Case

Experienced High Stakes Civil Litigation Lawyer

When people talk of the most upsetting legal problems, that conversation always tends to go to the punitive, criminal side of the law. However, civil actions faced by businesses and individuals have extremely high personal and financial stakes. The outcome of a loss in the civil arena can sometimes be as devastating to a person as any criminal conviction.

At The Law Office of D. Josev Brewer, LLC, attorney Joe Brewer has built his career as a criminal defense attorney and as the point person for national and international businesses facing civil claims in South Carolina. For all his clients facing the most serious of civil law challenges, he takes the case head-on and does not back down.

Toughness And Experience In Greenville Civil Cases

With a background working for large international firms, he can tackle even the most complex cases. He has the history and track record to quickly define the parameters of a problem and work with you to build a thoughtful, thorough strategy to get a resolution.

He can confidently tackle any civil case, plaintiff or defense, including:

  • Qui tam whistleblower lawsuits under the False Claims Act
  • Deceptive trade practice allegations
  • Employment law disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Business litigation and breach of contract
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • International legal conflicts

Furthermore, his toughness in the face of these complex, highly costly disputes means that he is not pushed around. He will stand against extremely motivated opposition and hold strong under immense pressure in order to deliver for his clients.

Have Confidence In Your Legal Team; Call The Law Office of D. Josev Brewer, LLC

A confident attorney is a major asset to you in the face of difficult legal challenges. Confidence means knowledge and experience in the face of complexities. And attorney Joe Brewer is immensely confident in his ability to make an impact for you. Call 864-936-0701 or send an email to get started.